WELCOME TO LIBTARDIA! Here Are Some of the Craziest Liberal College Campus Stories of 2017

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Campus Reform reporter Cabot Phillips released the outlet's five craziest stories from college campuses in 2017...

#5. Dr. Richard Watson told his students at the University of Georgia to choose their own grades.

#4. UNLV history professor Tessa Winkelmann told her class that President Donald Trump was to blame for the country music concert massacre.

"When he got elected, I told my classes... that some of us won't be affected by this president but others are going to die," she said on video apparently clandestinely captured by a student. "So far, all he has done is encourage violence," Winkelmann said.

#3. At Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., students held teachers hostage and mobbed one teacher who objected to their "day of absence" for Caucasians.

The targeted professor, Bret Weinstein, appeared several times on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to discuss the ongoing situation. Weinstein, who identified as a progressive, said the outrage from left-wing students forced him to relocate his family and leave the campus altogether.

Some of the students shouted "black power" and reportedly trapped another professor in a room, only allowing to use the restroom if he agreed to be escorted by protesting students.

#2. Author Charles Murray was met with outrage by students in March after he arrived to speak at Middlebury College.

Murray wrote "The Bell Curve," and often speaks about the "growing class divide" that has led to the rise of President Trump.

He told Tucker Carlson earlier this year that he was stunned that many of those protesting his speech at the Vermont school proudly said they never actually read his work.

"Faculty members bragged about not reading my stuff," he said. "But they still knew I was a bad guy."

And the craziest campus story of 2017, according to Phillips, was the rioting at the University of California-Berkeley over the appearance of former Breitbart contributor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Yiannopoulos, an outspoken Trump supporter known for making controversial statements, was evacuated from the campus while students and teachers set fires and clashed outside the building the Briton was intended to speak in.

Yiannopoulos told Tucker Carlson at the time that "anyone to the right of Jane Fonda" should be fearful of similar actions being taken against them.

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