Leader of Liberal's Black Power Militia, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, BUSTED For a Stockpile of ILLEGAL Weapons!

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The F.B.I. report detailing the perceived BIE threat specifically discusses the shooting of Dallas police officers in July 2016. The document was prepared by the F.B.I Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit, and has shown an effort to “criminalize” political organizers with progressive and revolutionary ethics. The Trump administration and prior Presidents have made their desire to derail black revolutionaries through declarations and actions crystal clear. Our struggle as change agents is to instruct and liberate the masses with revolutionary discourse, and we will continue to do so.

“Operation CAT (Community Anti Terrorism) 4/2/2016 BAIR vs South Dallas was the birth of Geronimo Tactical and it’s operations. A group of dedicated Men and Women from HPNGC decided that they wanted to take militancy and readiness to the next level with actual weekly training and preparation. Geronimo Tactical want to raise the bar of left wing militants ability to protect themselves and community by fostering a culture of elite training. Geronimo Tactical will and still maintains its solidarity with HPNGC and all RBG/ Revolutionary Formations and looks forward to continue to provide support in the near future. This group is for social media organization and psychological preparation. This project is labeled HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL. We are the only people allow in this group.”

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