Police Burst Open Home To Find Helpless Boy, 3, On His Own After Grandparents Died Days Ago

Posted by The King Slayer 11 months ago in News
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A helpless toddler was found locked in his home with the bodies of his two dead grandparents.

The tiny tot was discovered by police who broke down the door after people reported not seeing the married couple for days.

The boy was living with his granddad and grandma while both his parents worked away.

The couple, aged in their 60s, worked as small-time food vendors and customers contacted relatives when they failed to show up for three days.

Authorities sent to investigate broke open the door to find the toddler crying in the sitting room, repeatedly calling for "granddad" and "grandma".

He had not eaten for at least two days, police said, with the coroner suggesting the couple had died within minutes of each other some 48 hours before.

The unnamed boy has since been taking to hospital where he is slowly being nursed back to health, while his parents have also been contacted and are expected to arrive back in the Taiwanese city of Keelung City, where the boy was staying.

Investigators said there appeared to be no signs of struggle inside the home.

Carbon monoxide poisoning has also been ruled out.

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