Dumb As a Rock! Fake Indian Sen., Elizabeth Warren, Stupidly Complains about Fake News to a Liberal Fake News Site

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In a live Facebook interview with “Occupy Democrats,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) encouraged the sites’ founders to police and debunk fake news going around on the internet.

Discussing what all Americans could do to swing the next election toward Democrats, Warren told the two brothers that they should commit to hunting down one piece of fake news every day and blasting it out to their followers.

“Make a commitment, a commitment for something every day,” she said. “You’re willing to track down one crummy piece of fake news every day and forward something to your group about it.”

The site’s founders nodded in agreement.

“If people make those commitments, it changes our country,” Warren added.

The only problem? Occupy Democrats is one of the worst offenders of Fake News, according to an analysis from BuzzFeed. The site has published several false pieces about President Trump:

Left-wing pages wrongly claimed Putin’s online troll factory was responsible for rigging online polls to show Trump won the first debate, falsely said that Trump wants to expel all Muslims from the US and said US women in the military should expect to be raped, claimed that TV networks would “not be fact-checking Donald Trump in any way” at the first debate, and completely misrepresented a quote from the pope to claim that he “flat out called Fox News type journalism ‘terrorism.'”

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