'Devil nurses' sacked after dumping "unwanted patient" on ground outside hospital by tipping him off wheelchair

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Two cruel nurses have been fired after dumping an "unwanted patient" on the ground outside their hospital rather than treat him.

CCTV videos show how they took the man from the emergency department in a wheelchair and left him sprawled on the ground hidden behind a car near a garage.

The man had a bloody wound on his thin, exposed leg.

The scene was in Sochi, one of the Russian cities hosting this year’s FIFA World Cup, and the disclosure caused outrage in the Black Sea resort.

“Devil nurses - they just threw out an unwanted patient,” was one online comment.

Local health care chief Marina Vartazaryan said: “We strictly condemn the actions of these nurses.

“Of course, every patient may refuse to have medical treatment, this is a right, but this must be a written demand.”

She said: “The nurses have been fired.”

The chief doctor on duty at Hospital Number 4 in the city is also under investigation over the shocking incident, she said.

The nurses claimed the patient had told them he wanted to leave the hospital and said his friend was waiting.

But there was no sign of a friend.

An investigation found they deliberately got rid of the patient who they saw as too difficult to deal with.

A witness revealed he had challenged the nurses after they dumped the man in temperatures slightly above zero.

One told him: “Take him home if you want. We don't need him.”

After locals reported the man’s plight to emergency services, an ambulance was called to take him back to the hospital where he was treated, said officials.

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