Arctic explorers left stunned as nuclear-powered icebreaker ship appears out of nowhere

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Cool videos
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This is the stunning moment a nuclear-powered icebreaker ship powered through the frozen sea just a few metres from a group of Arctic explorers.

The monstrous vessel is Taymyr, one of only a handful made the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

It is powered by a single nuclear fission reactor that produces superheated steam to propel the motors.

Built in 1989, she can operate in temperatures of minus 50.

The crazy footage was posted on Instagram by Russian journalist Anton Panov who is on an expedition in the Arctic Circle.

He wrote: "On the way to Dikson, we met "Taymyr" - an atomic icebreaker. A huge machine.

"Even as she approached us the ice began to tremble.

"And when she came up it was so cool that it's hard to describe in words!"

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