Bat-wielding Women Brawl In The Street As Little Girl Watches On In Horror

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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Two women were filmed embroiled in a savage street brawl on a busy shopping street in front of a horrified little girl.

Passers-by desperately attempted to break up the pair who were punching, biting and pulling each other's hair in Waterford, Ireland.

Disturbing footage shows a young blonde girl with pigtails, believed to be three-years-old, stands and watches as one woman pummels the other in the head.

Sickening chants of "f****** kill her" and "f****** bury her" can be heard by baying friends during the fight.

The women are heard screeching and screaming as they lie locked together on the ground as onlookers try to pull them apart.

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