The town 'held to ransom' by gang of knife-wielding 'feral' yobs as young as TEN

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A town is being 'held to ransom' by a gang of 'feral' yobs - some of which are just 10 years old.

Residents say they are too scared to go at night following a series of incidents involving the youths, some of which carry knives.

In one shocking incident, a pensioner had to defend herself with her walking stick as hooligans attacked a shopper at a supermarket.

She said she was terrified the thugs would turn on her.

Other residents have claimed that if you look at the youngsters 'in the wrong way' they will punch them.

The community in Hyde, Tameside, in Greater Manchester, say the the trouble has ‘spread like the plague'.

Children, thought to be as young as 10 or 11, have smashed windows and intimidated residents and businesses.

They have set fire to bins and pushed them into shops - and vandalised cars and homes.

The thugs, residents say, walk around ‘thinking they’re untouchable’.

Anyone brave enough to stand up to them is verbally abused, or in some cases, attacked.

Things are so bad, a public meeting was called.

This weekend, the children’s carousel in the town centre was vandalised by youths, who kicked and punched holes in the wooden boards protecting it.

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