MEDIA SILENT! "F*cking Rude White Girl" 4 Black Men Brutally Savage This White Girl at a Gas Station While Hurling Racial Obscenity's Towards Her

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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Kristen McDowell claims that she was filling up at a gas station in Mississippi on Saturday, while she had her door open.

She says that a group of six black men approached her, called her a ‘f*cking rude white girl’ and proceeded to attack her because they didnt have enough room while her door was open.

We attempted to contact McDowell via Facebook however we haven’t received a response as of yet. There are some witnesses however who tell a different story…

McDowell shared photos of her injuries moments after the assault occurred. She also shared selfies of herself at the hospital as a way to let people know she was getting treatment. The post she shared on her Facebook has nearly 18,000 shares.

Since no police report or other substantial evidence has been shared on the Facebook of McDowell, several Facebook users have made claims that she is lying. Many Facebook users have written that she is accusing black people of violence in order to start a controversy.

Seth Whittington, an alleged witness on the scene, shared his recount of the story. Whittington says that it was actually 4 men instead of six amongst a few other disparities.

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