Moment Black teens hurl chairs in diner brawl at Denny's Vineland

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Panicked diners at a New Jersey restaurant had to flee when a violent brawl erupted, forcing them to leave their half-full plates of food behind.

Shocking footage released by police shows the moment chairs went flying as more than 15 people get into a fight at a Vineland Denny's on January 27.

The fight only stopped when police arrived at the West Landis Avenue restaurant just before 3am, according to The Daily Journal.

Although no one was injured, the restaurant's damage was estimated at $2,500, according to police.

Alexander Roman, 27, was the only person arrested on the scene - on an outstanding warrant. All the other suspects fled.

On a statement on Facebook, the Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office said: 'No one in our community should be concerned that they may face this type of nonsensical behavior when they go out for a bite to eat.'

They are asking the public to help help identify the individuals in the video so they can be prosecuted for criminal mischief.

If you know any of the people involved i the brawl, please contact the Vineland Police Department.

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