Hitman's bizarre botched assassination stumps police as he 'shoots' twice and casually walks away

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in CCTV
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A would-be assassin's bizarre attempt to shoot a shopkeeper has left police officers baffled.

The hitman tried to shoot his gun twice - but each time had to bend to pick his bullet off the floor when the weapon failed to go off.

CCTV from outside the shop in Kadıköy, in Turkey, shows the would-be assassin shouting insults at the man behind the counter.

He then lifts his arm and fires the weapon.

But, seconds later, he is seen grabbing the bullet off the floor, before repeating the whole exercise.

The man then shouts at the man a few more times, before casually strolling off while shaking his gun.

Police officers have now seized the CCTV and are investigating the failed shooting.

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