Practice Session Goes Wrong For Unlucky Women In Wigan Pub

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Funny
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Drinkers were left in hysterics after three women attempted to perform a graceful ballet routine in a pub .

The female trio were captured on camera holding on to the bar while preparing to ‘plié’ - a movement that sees dancers bend and then straighten their knees with their feet turned out.

But any hopes of impressing pubgoers were soon dashed as they accidentally yanked the brass fixture from the bar to send them all flying backwards onto the ground.

Jill Cunliffe, owner of the Rope and Anchor pub in Wigan, where the routine took place, was one of the women involved in the hilarious mishap.

She said the four-second video was cut short because the filmer dropped her phone in a fit of laughter.

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