Heroic bus driver comforts frantic little girl after her mum has seizure and collapses in road

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A heroic bus driver comforted a terrified little girl after her mum had a seizure and collapsed into the road.

Footage captured the moment the woman fell at a bus stop as she was walking with her six-year-old daughter.

Clearly distressed and not knowing what to do the girl runs to the bus in tears.

Luckily the kind driver, named as Michelle Mixon, was there to help comfort the frightened and emotional child.

Video shows the girl's mother tumbling to the ground while having a seizure at the bus stop in Milwaukee, US.

And the terrified girl runs to the bus which had stopped at a red light.

She can be seen jumping up and down outside the doors trying to get the driver's attention.

Michelle opens the door to her and the girl can be heard crying while shouting "Somebody!" and "Mommy!".

As another passenger moves out the way, the girl runs on board.

Michelle then gets up out of her seat and picks up the girl, trying to comfort her to find out what is wrong.

Putting her in the driver's seat to try and calm her down, through her tears the girl explains her mum has had a seizure and that she is scared.

Meanwhile a bystander had rushed to help her mum and gave her his coat to try and keep her warm on the snowy ground.

Michelle can be heard saying to the child: "We're gonna take care of her, okay?" as more people go over to help her mother.

As an ambulance arrives and attends to the woman, Michelle stays with the girl until the emergency vehicle is ready to leave and takes her over to it so they can go to the hospital.

According to Global News Michelle had just dropped the mother and child off at the bus stop.

She said: "She fell, the girl came back and told us she had a seizure.

"I was loading someone in and I saw her fall and immediately popped my brake, and at that moment, I couldn't think how to get in touch with the dispatcher so I pulled my cellphone out and called 911 and then started comforting the little girl."

She added that the incident was "really emotional".

The video was shared by the Milwaukee County Transit System on Tuesday who is praising Michelle for her actions in the situation.

They said the incident happened in December while the bus was stopped at a red light.

And added: "Michelle, who is a mother and grandmother, stayed with the girl until the end.

"Michelle has been driving MCTS for 21 years, she says this is easily the most memorable and emotional thing she has been through.

"She says she is happy she could help.

"Another story of MCTS Excellence."

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