Europe's tallest building stands at 1,500ft - and looks like it's straight out of The Lord of the Rings

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Cool videos
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Europe's tallest building has reached its final height of 1,500ft (462m) - but not everyone likes the design.

The skyscraper, dreamt up by British architect Tony Kettle, has been compared to a tower used by an evil wizard which features in Lord of the Rings trilogy by disgruntled residents.

It has taken the title from Europe's previous tallest building, the Federation Tower in the Russian capital city of Moscow, which stands 374 metres (1,227 feet) high.

Those who have caught a glimpse of the huge building have already started making comparisons to Barad-dur, the tower of Sauron the Dark Lord in the Peter Jackson-directed films.

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