Obama Admin,Clinton & DNC COMMITTED FRAUD To Spy on Trump, One of the Many Revelations Revealed in the FISA Memo Democrats Tried to Hide

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Notably, Rep. Matt Gaetz hinted to Judge Jeanine Pirro that the memo outlines how the U.S. government may have committed fraud by presenting the courts with “false information,” to obtain FISA warrants.

“You’re aware as a Judge of the way evidence has to be authenticated and presented to a court to get a warrant,” began the Florida Republican.

“It has to be probable cause to sign a warrant,” Judge Jeanne interjected.

“Of course, and prosecutors and investigators cannot perpetrate frauds on the court by presenting false information or information they know to be false,” Rep. Gaetz continued.

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) told “Fox & Friends,” that he believes the bombshell FISA memo should be released to the American people. Asked if he could confirm information compiled by dossier author Christopher Steele was used by the Obama administration to spy on Trump officials, DeSantis told host Brian Kilmeade, “I think that’s one of the central issues in the memo and I definitely want all Americans to be able to read what actually happened in that respect.”

“It’s primarily dealing with the Department of Justice and FBI and imagining this, did they propose or provide information to the FISA courts, and was that information accurate? That’s the essence of this,” Rep. Stewart revealed to Cuomo.

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