'RACIALLY INSENSITIVE' Massachusetts School Principal Bans Disney's TRUE STORY of the Jamaican Boblsed Team Movie, "Cool Runnings"

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A Massachusetts high school canceled the screening of Disney’s “Cool Runnings” this week after the principal said she received complaints that the 1993 film was “racially insensitive.”

The film is based on a true story about a bobsled team from Jamaica qualifying for the 1988 Olympics. The PG-rated movie follows the athletes' journey to the Olympic Games.

The student council at Wayland High School announced the institution would watch “Cool Runnings” Wednesday during their “winter week,” FOX 25 Boston reported. "Winter week," a school tradition, follows midterm exams and was dedicated as a relaxing time for students.

Following the student council’s announcement, the principal, Allyson Mizoguchi, sent an email to students canceling the film’s viewing.

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