Got Heated: L.A. Retail Store Accused Of Selling Counterfeit Brand Name Merchandise!

Posted by The King Slayer 11 months ago in News
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A months-long undercover investigation by FOX 11 has revealed that a popular Los Angeles clothing store has been selling counterfeit brand name merchandise under the guise that it is legitimate.

The store in question is called Old School, located at 427 N. Fairfax in L.A.’s popular Fairfax district, and the owners now have felony warrants out for their arrests.

It’s known for selling high price, high fashion designer streetwear, including popular brands like Amiri, Chanel, Gucci, Saint Laurent, but customers FOX 11 spoke with say there’s a major catch.

Image Gallery 3 PHOTOS “I bought a $500 jacket from Old School and it turned out to be fake,” said Paul Fuentabella, who runs a popular streetwear YouTube channel.

“Countless people have been ripped off, not just myself, everything in there is fake.” Old School has a F rating with the Better Business Bureau with numerous complaints about sales of fake merchandise.

Its Yelp reviews are more of the same. Dozens of customers have left angry complaints about purchasing fake merchandise they were led to believe was legitimate.

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