NO JOKE! MSNBCs Joy Reid Claims Liberal COMEDIANS are 'Leading The Way To Truth' in the Trump Era..

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in FAIL!
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It was back in October when a CNN reporter wrote a piece about how Jimmy Kimmel had become “America’s conscience,” so that myth has been floating around out there for a while. Now, MSNBC is adding its two cents, positing the theory that comics like Kimmel and Samantha Bee “are leading the way to truth” under the Trump administration. -- MSNBC: “Comedians like Jimmy Kimmel and Samantha Bee are leading the way to truth in the Trump era.” -- Rev. Mauldin 🏍 @Reverend_Ducati: “No. Not at all, you freaking dolts.” -- MSNBC is already flirting with the “fake news” tag by referring to those two as comedians, but come on … who do you think is pushing this idea that they’re “leading the way to truth?” None other than fact-challenged MSNBC host Joy Reid. She makes the case in a segment you can watch here — or not — featuring a panel of comedians including Lizz Winstead and Dean Obeidallah.

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