INCREDIBLE Half Court 3 Shot Sunken by a Special Needs boy has the Crowd ERUPTING in Cheers!

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It was an incredible moment for the high school basketball team at Imagine Prep, when a special needs player made an impressive three-pointer shot, during a game a week ago.

The crowd instantly erupted in cheers, including players from the opposing team. Derek Waggoner recalls the crowd chanting his name from the bleachers, as he positioned himself for a three-pointer shot.

After his first attempt, he was given a second chance. The ball goes in and the crowd roars with excitement. Waggoner has a developmental disability. However, despite the everyday challenges, he remains committed to putting his all, into everything he does.

"Just seeing Derek everyday is remarkable," said Sean Sachau, Athletic Director for Imagine Prep. "He is a good kid. He's got a passion for sports."

Sachau says Waggoner has always enjoyed shooting a three-pointer.

"It feels like the further he gets back, the better accuracy he has, so he lined up right up across the half court line, and he drained it," said Sachau.

The best part of the night was everyone in the crowd cheering Waggoner on, even those from the opposing team.

"Just to see the reaction of all the kids come together after he made the shot was truly remarkable," said Sachau.

Waggoner's teammates say he always keeps them going.

"He makes us want to go harder, and he's always out there pushing us, and we just love having him," said one player.

"My teammates are good stuff right there," said Waggoner. "It's been awesome."

"It's a special moment that he is going to live with for the rest of his life," said Sachau.

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