Furious shop owner blasts 'thieving teen' in face with water gun as he takes revenge against 'feral youths'

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in
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An angry shop owner is so fed up with teenage thieves at his store he's taken to spraying them with a water gun.

CCTV footage shows the man blasting a teen in the face as the youngster appears to steal an e-cigarette from a cabinet in his shop.

The teen reaches inside the cabinet and then runs off with another boy after being sprayed.

The owner of Just Vapours and other shops say 'feral' youths are making life a misery for residents and businesses in Hyde, Greater Manchester.

They claim locals are being intimidated by anti-social yobs, led by five 'ringleaders', and they have been left out of pocket due to thefts, the Manchester Evening News reported.

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