STRAIGHT OUT OF JAMES BOND! Migaloo 800 Million Pounds 928 Foot Superyacht Actually Transforms into a Submarine

Posted by moku 10 months ago in Cool videos
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IF you've ever fancied becoming James Bond - it turns out all you need is a bottomless bank account.

A boat company has come up with the world’s first submersible superyacht.

The yacht turns into a submarine – for all those times you need to go under the water undetected.

Migaloo claims that it can build private submersible superyachts and floating islands of any size.

The yachts are inspired by modern Zumwalt-class destroyer ships - and are available from 236 feet up to 928 feet long.

The M7 is the largest model at 928 feet long and it features its own outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, cinema room, gaming room and helipad.

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