Mum of 'bullied' autistic child releases video footage of boy 'being physically and verbally assaulted' by teachers

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in CCTV
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A mum who claims her autistic son is being 'bulllied' has released video footage of an incident in which she claims he was being 'physically and verbally assaulted' by teachers.

Esther Chavez Velasquez's seven-year-old autistic son is allegedly being told off by a teacher and made to stand against the wall in the worrying footage.

The distressed boy apparently doesn't seem to understand the situation, and grabs the woman's hands to stop her from leaving and starts to cry hysterically.

On several occasions, the boy raises his hands to the teacher, who responds by firmly taking his wrists and pushing them away.

Some autistic children are known to dig their nails into a person's hand when overstressed or angry.

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