FLASHBACK: Both Anti-Trump Rappers, Eminem and Jay-Z's Albums Flop

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in FAIL!
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Eminem's newest album entitled "Revival" wasn't just hated by most of the critics and almost every single fan that is in a complete bandwagon jumping moron, it was also one of his worst showings since the release of his first EP entitled Slim Shady.

The rapper has had a horrible career as of late, so now he's attempting to dive into politics by acting like a total hypocrite in bashing the NRA. Ironic, considering that most of his songs actually include guns in the lyrics. As well as the aging rapper constantly spewing hatred against females, homosexuals, and pretty much everybody else that liberals claim to support. Unless of course, that rapper decides to also bash the president that most of these liberals hate.

Stick to rapping about fighting pop stars dumb ass.

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