TATTOO & BODY MODIFICATION CRAZINESS! The 2018 London Tattoo Show is Full of WTF!

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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From those with discreet butterflies subtly tattooed onto their hips, to men and women covered from head to toe in masterpieces, Brick Lane in east London will be buzzing with activity.

Daily Star Online spoke to Mark Leaver, the convention’s photographer, to get an idea of what to expect – from the beautiful to the mind-boggling.

Ahead of the gathering, which takes place at The Old Truman Brewery, he told Daily Star Online: “Jay Read is the man for horror stories.

“He has had his anus, penis and testicles extensively tattooed as part of his transformation.”

Cammy Stewart, a well-recognised tattoo artist based in Dundee, has also had the shocking anus tattoo procedure done – alongside a variety of other pieces.

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