DEEP STATE COVER UP: FBI & DOJ Redacted Proof that a Clinton Stooge ILLEGALLY Colluded with FISA Court to Push Russia Investigations

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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Rep. Bob Goodlatte: We need more documents and we need them now. And we need them unredacted, by the way, Maria. These latest revelations about Peter Strzok and Lisa Page talking about a federal judge, Judge Contreras, who was appointed to serve on the FISA Court and they’re talking back and forth about how good that is and how Peter Strzok needs to be catching up with him and talking to him. That was made available to us earlier in a redacted form and it was only just recently that we had the opportunity to see that text unredacted… That was clearly material about what was going on in the FBI regarding how they were treating this court.

Maria Bartiromo: So again let’s be clear here. Normally when there are redactions they redact things because they are a point of national security. But in fact what was redacted was a text about going to a cocktail party with this FISA judge, Judge Contreras.

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