Driver takes six minutes to park her car - then spends another 16 MINUTES getting back out of space

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in FAIL!
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A struggling driver took an astonishing 22 minutes to get in and out of a parking space - and still managed to 'bump' another car.

Hilarious dashcam footage shows the woman taking six minutes to park her car and then an incredible 16 minutes to get out of the space.

Mark Sreeves’ campervan camera captured the debacle in central Manchester on February 25.

He shared the footage online after realising another family had parked, done their shopping and returned to their vehicle before the woman had managed to get out of the space.

The driver behind the wheel of the 67-plate Vauxhall Mokka initially bungled her parking by turning into the space too early.

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