Show-off broadcasts police car chase on his OWN Facebook page - and it doesn't end well

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in
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Reckless yobs filmed themselves fleeing police in a high-speed car chase - and broadcast it live on Facebook.

Friends of a passenger in the car were able to watch in real time as they attempted to escape a fleet of pursuing patrol vehicles.

Those inside even responded to comments made while the footage played - appearing to agree to take the chase past someone’s home.

The man broadcasting the footage provided a running commentary, telling viewers how the “beamers” were trying to box them in and stop the car.

Split into two clips, the recordings started with the chase already underway on what appeared to be the Sefton and West Lancashire border.

Up to 10 vehicles were said to be behind them, with the man holding the camera repeatedly turning the phone to show the flashing blue lights of the cars following their movements.

As the chase continued the car made sharp turns and was driven through a red light while claims were made a police helicopter was in pursuit and that stinger devices - thrown across roads to puncture the tyres of fleeing vehicles - had also been used.

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