BOMBSHELL! Documents Reveal the Obama White House WAS LEADING The Investigation into Pres. Trump's Campaign

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Rep. Mark Meadows: When you look at the facts. The facts speak for themselves. When we look at is it a material fact that Peter Strzok had a relationship with a FISA judge and they concealed it. The answer is yes. We now know that the investigation into Donald Trump started late July (2016). Within 7 days there was a meeting within the Department of Justice where they said the White House is leading this…

Laura Ingraham: I think people missed this. That the White House “was leading”…

Mark Meadows: Well that was in that meeting. We’ve got text messages that would suggest that. And then within seven days of that we got a meeting in the White House with the Chief of Staff of President Obama saying — we can’t draw a conclusion — but we can certainly look at the facts and the facts do speak to further investigation.

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