LARGEST EVER!? Filipino's Hunt down a 30 Foot Man Eating Crocodile that's Eating Fisherman and Livestock

Posted by moku 12 months ago in News
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THE hunt is on for a giant 'man-eating' crocodile - which could be the largest ever recorded.

Villagers are searching for the beast, which witnesses claim is almost 30ft long, and has attacked fishermen, farmers and livestock.

If true - it would mean the fearsome reptile is the largest ever recorded predator caught on land.

The reptile has reportedly been terrorising the Agusan del Sur region of the Philippines.

A woman is said to have been grabbed by the croc - although her fate is unknown.

One man who saw the beast up close swears it was 29.5ft in length, according to a video published by Discovery.

Until now, the largest crocodile ever recorded was 20.3ft long.

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