Rare 'Land Spout' Phenomena Spotted Over Hawaiian Lava Field

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Nature
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This is the moment streaming columns of ash and smoke rose above Hawaii's active Kīlauea volcano following intense rainfall.

Mick Kalber recorded the rare land spout phenomenon aboard a Paradise Helicopter flight over the lava fields at sunrise.

He said: "A pink rainbow, amazing landspouts and a veritable plethora of lava flows made for a spectacular lava overflight this morning.

"We have often seen water spouts at the ocean entry but this morning, due to a head downpour on the 61G flow and the right wind and heat conditions, several vortices [land spouts] appeared just above the Pali. These dramatic, unusual formations look like mini tornadoes, but spin much less quickly."

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