Mystery of 'alien-like' sea creatures washed up on beach at holiday hotspot

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in WTF
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Mystery surrounds odd wiggling sea creatures that have washed up on a beach popular with British tourists.

Locals are unable to explain the odd phenomenon and say the five-inch long rubber-looking blobs have started appearing over the last few weeks.

A holidaymaker from the UK even grabbed one of the bizarre life forms from the beach and put it back in the sea, but it appeared to hold its mini snout above the water in a bid to breath.

The odd specimen was spotted wiggling along the sand on Koh Lanta island, off the south west coast of Thailand, on Saturday afternoon.

British tourist Louis Burgoyne who found the pinkish-brown creature said he put it back in the water but it kept trying to escape back out.

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