Man Is Killed For His Motorcycle

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in CCTV
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One man was killed and his bike stolen on Sunday morning (1st) on Estrada do Mombasa, in the Vila Nova neighborhood of Araçariguama. The victim was identified with Antônio Nelson dos Santos, 41, who worked as a caretaker in a small farm located in the Vila Nova neighborhood and was preparing to leave when he was murdered. The death of the housekeeper was recorded by the local security cameras.

The images show that the crime occurred around 07:35, when Antonio was preparing to leave the estate on his motorcycle. The housekeeper closes the gate, puts the helmet on his head and climbs in his vehicle and prepares to leave when approached by the killer, who arrives walking, who comes walking quietly down the road. The man is shirtless, barefoot and approaches the victim apparently already with the gun in hand.

The two men talk for a moment and at a certain moment the man steps away from the victim, as if to leave. At this moment, Antonio descends from the motorcycle and after a few moments makes mention of picking up something that would be in the area behind his waist, but he gives up and raises his hands up in a clear sign of surrender. At this moment the assassin gives the first shot, knocking the man down and after taking the helmet of the victim's motorcycle, another shot in the area of ​​Antonio's head, stealing the bike then fleeing the place.

Due to the robbery of the motorcycle the case was registered as Looting (robbery followed by death). The case was registered in São Roque, but the crime will be investigated by the authorities in Araçariguama.

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