FLASHBACK: Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2007 Oppose the Flood of Low Skilled Immigrant Workers "Our Border Is Very Porous."

Posted by moku 12 months ago in News
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"Sanctions against employers who employ illegal immigrants is virtually nonexistent," and the guest-worker program would drive down wages for all, Sanders explained in a video posted to his Senate website.

Bernie Sanders once railed against the effects of the 2007 immigration bill and its guest-worker program on American workers and wages, and seemed to lament the lack of sanctions on employers for hiring undocumented immigrants in a video posted to what was then his Senate website.

"Unfortunately, the guest-worker provisions in this bill, which will bring many hundreds of thousands of lower-wage workers into this country will only make a bad situation even worse," Sanders says in the video.

"I believe we have very serious immigration problems in this country," he said, later in the video. "I think as you've heard today, sanctions against employers who employ illegal immigrants is virtually nonexistent. Our border is very porous."

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