Schoolgirl, 15, stabbed two classmates with knife she stole from class in organised Snapchat fight

Posted by The King Slayer 11 months ago in WTF
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A 15-year-old girl is facing a jail sentence after an organised Snapchat fight ended with two other teens stabbed - including one who needed life-saving surgery.

The teenage thug went to a playing field armed with two knives, one she had stolen from a bushcraft lesson at school and a kitchen knife.

A youth court heard the child admitted charges of causing grievous bodily harm and possession of a knife in public.

But the youngster was told her case was being sent to the crown court for sentencing, as a judge had greater powers than the magistrates.

The organised fight, behind the Rivermead leisure centre in Reading, Berkshire, was captured on video by some of those watching.

The court heard that the fight was said to have started over a bike being kicked and the argument escalated over Snapchat before a fight between the rivals was organised in a field.

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