Shocking Clip Shows Teacher Slapping A Schoolboy Eight Times In Just 15 Seconds

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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A teenage schoolboy was slapped hard across the face eight times in just 15 seconds by his brutal teacher for getting something wrong in class.

The youngsters was forced to stand at the front of the class and face the teacher, as one of his brave classmates secretly filmed the beating.

The child filming only managed to record a 15 second clip, presumably fearing they may get caught and face a similar punishment.

It is not known how long the violence went on for or what had caused the teacher to become so angry.

It was filmed at the Qian'an Experimental Middle School in the city of Songyuan in north-eastern China and has been watched more than a million times after it was shared online.

Witnesses did not say what the schoolboy had done wrong, but his teacher decided to punish him in front of the entire class by repeatedly slapping him across the face, as the other children watched in silence.

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