MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Once ADMITTED She Was "Far Left" of Chinese Dictator Mao, who Murdered MILLIONS of Chinese Citizens

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“Having been involved in a lot of different liberal groups over time, as somebody who is roughly to the Left of Mao…”

Thus self-described Rachel Maddow a while back. While she may have intended the remark as humor, as the late Danish and American comedian and pianist Victor Borge liked to point out, “humor is truth.” Borge wasn’t alone in zeroing in on the real meaning of humor. All the way back there in 1905 Sigmund Freud published his book Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious in which the world’s famous father of psychoanalysis discussed the the psychoanalysis of jokes and humor. Jokes, he said, were a method of expressing a truth that was deemed to stark to say in polite society and was thus repressed and outed from the unconscious in the form of humor.

Applying Freud to Maddow or even Borge to Maddow and her self-description of being “to the Left of Mao” – which elicited polite laughs from her clearly uncomfortable guests – says a great deal about the unconscious mindset of the MSNBC host. Recall these words from Mao at the meeting of the Central Committee of the Seventh Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in March 1949 as detailed in The Black Book of Communism:

“After our armed enemies have been crushed, there will still be our unarmed enemies, who will try to fight us to the death. We must never underestimate their strength. Unless we think of the problem in precisely those terms, we will commit the gravest of errors.”

This understood, one can only wonder who the Mao-admiring Rachel views as the Left’s “unarmed enemies.” Since her MSNBC show is cable-casted to an audience of Americans one must naturally assume that in fact Rachel detests a good portion of the American people – beginning with the 63 or so million who voted for President Trump. They are, to quote her hero, the “unarmed enemies” of the American Left. That would be before she even gets to Trump himself or Fox News or conservative talk radio.

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