FLASHBACK 2010: The Mexican Military Actually Marched in a Parade in Mexico, Have Secret Bases with 1 Million Troops in Canada and Mexico

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The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has nearly one million combat troops in Canada and Mexico. It has a network of bases throughout North America, flies military transport aircraft over southern California at night and is preparing for the eventual takeover of America.

Worst of all, the perfidious Pres. Barack Hussein Obama, in a stunning act of treachery, has given permission to the People’s Republic of China to attack.

Is this fiction some sort of take on the Red Dawn movies? Is it some feverish right-wing dream? Or just complete and utter bullshit.

On the contrary, some would argue, this is the honest-to-God truth. Maybe. They’re not personally sold on it 100 percent. But the evidence is pretty interesting. It’s something to think about. Hey, it’s just what they were told.

During the 1990s, there were persistent rumors that the United Nations, in cahoots with then-Pres. Bill Clinton, was readying a takeover of America in order to fulfill the promise of the New World Order.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency was building concentration camps in states like Colorado, Wyoming and Alabama for “undesirables.” Millions of body bags were being stockpiled at these camps for those deemed incompatible with America’s new overlords.

Enforcing the New World Order would be the armies of the former Warsaw Pact: Russians, Ukrainians, Czechs, Poles and other heartless enemies of freedom that were either in the United States for “military exercises” or secretly snuck en masse into the country.

They even brought their crappy armored vehicles with them: I was once told that someone—unnamed but credible—had seen Soviet-made BRDM armored cars in Colorado during an exercise to simulate the rounding up of American citizens.

The takeover of America was going to happen “any day now.”

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