Cannibal 16ft crocodile chomps on smaller rival and swallows its tail whole

Posted by The King Slayer 10 months ago in Nature
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A dad who witnessed a 16ft saltwater crocodile swallowing the tail of its 10ft freshwater rival whole has spoken of his shock.

Prison manager Bill Yan, 49, said he could hear bones chomping as the enormous creature chomped on the smaller reptile it had just killed.

The father-of-two captured the incident on camera while he was out fishing in the Daly River in Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory with his son Mitchell, 16, on April 1.

Bill, who lives in Alice Springs but was visiting Darwin for the weekend, said: “We were cruising up the river and saw a big white thing floating down with a load of birds around it.

“We thought it was a fish but as we got closer we realised it was a section of a crocodile.

“Then we saw some splashing up the bank and saw this big saltie eating what was left of another crocodile that was floating down the river.

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