Matador Gored By Bull On First Fight Back In Ring After Recovering From Major Surgery

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Animals
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A hapless bullfighter making his comeback after being badly gored is back in hospital after another eye-watering injury in the ring that saw a bull rip open his leg.

Matador Roman Collado suffered horrific injuries when the enraged beast ripped open his left leg with its horns during the display in Seville, southern Spain.

Collado had earlier spent weeks recovering from an earlier injury that saw his arm and chest pierced during a bout in Valencia and was only just back on his feet.

His most recent injuries were so bad he needed immediate emergency surgery in the bullring's medical room before he was rushed to hospital.

The matador later told his fans on Twitter that he'd suffered a gruesome six-inch (15-centimetre) tear through a major blood vessel in his leg, just missing his groin.

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