Whistleblower leaks harrowing footage of sheep baking to death on board overcrowded slaughter ship

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Animals
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WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: The suffering animals were crammed together on the boat which was bound for the Middle East

Horrifying footage of sheep baking to death on board a slaughter ship has been leaked by a whistleblower.

The suffering animals can be seen caked in their own faeces and and fighting to try and get food and water as they are shipped from Australia to the Middle East.

Several animals die on the journey because of the sickening conditions they are kept in.

The footage has been released by Animals Australia, a campaign group that wants live, long-haul animal exporting to be banned.

The group says the video is comprised of footage taken on five 'routine' sheep shipments to the Middle East.

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