African Immigrant Who Murdered an Indian Australian Teen by running him over, Gets 80Hrs Community Service! THEN ATTACKS Cameramen Outside of Court

Posted by moku 10 months ago in News
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An unlicensed African driver who ran over and killed a 13-year-old boy but escaped with a community service order wasn't properly investigated, his mother claims.

Jalal Yassine-Naja died when a car driven by mother-of-seven Ayou Deng knocked him off his skateboard in the Melbourne suburb of Brookfield in March last year.

Police only ever charged Deng with unlicensed driving after deeming the child's death an accident. She was handed just 80 hours community service on Wednesday.

Jalal's mother Olivia Yassine told 3AW her son's death shouldn't go unpunished and called for the investigation to be reopened.

'At the end of the day she never should have been driving... She shouldn't have got behind the wheel. That's negligence on her behalf,' she said.

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