Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped his 'I Robot' delivery for a couple of questions

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in News
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Overall, Zuckerberg's delivery style at the Facebook testimony yesterday could best be described as 'Politely robotic', like a man who normally employs emojis to do his emoting for him.

His apology and replies to questions were performed using sustained eye contact that he then rotated, lighthouse-style round the rows of senators, and he spoke loudly and clearly holding his chin up to apologise before pulling his lips in a mouth-clamp gesture and jutting his lower jaw slightly to suggest determination and forthrightness.

He sat for the most part leaning forward slightly with his lower arms placed apart on the desk in front like a man keen to sort the whole situation out and his dialogue contained customer service jargon like their 'broader philosophical shift in responsibility' and the fact that he would 'Have my team get back to you'.

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