HOLY CRAP! Crazy Scene As a Fisherman Performs a C-Section on a shark, Releases 98 Pups

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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A quick-thinking fisherman delivered 98 baby sharks by c-section after their mother was fatally attacked by another predator.

Mathew Orlov, 46 claims that the sevengill shark was already dead when he pulled it onto his boat off the coast of Victoria, Australia.

However when Matthew lay the shark on the deck of his boat he realised that its stomach was still moving.

He then performed an impromptu c-section on the mother shark in a bid to save the babies inside.

Mathew, from Geelong, can be seen in the clip removing each young shark from inside the mother and into the wild during the operation which lasted nine minutes.

Mathew, said: 'As soon as she was on the boat we saw the seven bite marks from another shark.

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