Brawl breaks out next to chilled items in supermarket

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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Two men have traded blows in front of horrified customers in the dairy aisle of a Coles supermarket.

The fight, which saw a shirtless man and a tattooed dad grapple with each other and throw wild swings, took place inside a Brisbane supermarket.

Richard Harding, who was shopping inside the Chermside supermarket with his wife, watched the fight unfold and said the pair left a trail of blood through the store.

'One of them had a kid, he was there with his missus and his kid… I mean Christ almighty, you're in Coles,' Mr Harding told Yahoo7 News.

'There was blood dripping all over the place… it was terrifying, the shoppers and staff were all pretty shocked.

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