Gang member filming shotgun attack jailed for gun crime

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Police videos
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This is the shocking moment a violent thug opens fire on a gang rival's house with a shotgun.

Jamie Wood, 23, was jailed for almost four years at Birmingham Crown Court for 'orchestrating the attack' after police found the footage on his mobile phone.

Wood recorded the incident from a nearby car and voices can be heard in the background saying 'Go on, over to the yard - slide it back, give it a good bang lad' as the shooter jogs over to the house.

The gangster can be seen jogging over to the house and taking aim before a loud bang is heard as the shotgun discharges in a flash of flames.

A court heard the weapon was fired at the house in Northfield, Birmingham on February 20 last year following a long-running feud between gangs.

Detectives suspected Wood - who is affiliated to the Frankley Killers gang - was involved and raided his home while he slept on March 2.

Unemployed Wood's iPhone was seized and was found to contain footage of the shooting.

Along with the footage, pictures and text messages were discovered linking him to gang activity.

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