DISGRACED Former FBI Director James Comey Gets Heckled during His Book Signing Event, Comey REFUSED Questions that Weren't "Pre-Screened"

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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Laura Loomer, a self-proclaimed investigative journalist, stood up and shouted at Comey while he was preparing to answer written audience questions at a Barnes & Noble event.

Loomer shouted "You're going to get locked up" and called Comey a criminal, saying that he would be "prosecuted for your transgressions" in a video posted to her Twitter account.

"You are not an ethical leader!" she yelled as security staff escorted her from the bookstore.

Loomer asked Comey about his role in overseeing the FBI's investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign's ties to Russia and the dossier of opposition research that was reportedly used as a piece of evidence in opening the probe.

In a tweet following her removal from the bookstore, Loomer fumed that Comey had refused to answer her question because it was not pre-screened. Other questions the former FBI director answered were written down on paper beforehand.

"Who does @JamesComey think he is to tell me and others what we can and can’t ask? I’ll ask him anything I want to ask whenever I want," she said.

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