Secret world hidden beneath Russia's polar ice caps revealed in stunning footage of rarely-seen creatures

Posted by The King Slayer 11 months ago in Cool videos
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A brave diver took on the inhospitable waters beneath Russia's polar ice caps to reveal a stunning array of rarely seen creatures, including a sea butterfly elegantly gliding in the darkness below.

Alexander Benedik submerged himself in the -1C White Sea water in search of life below the ice.

Accompanying the stunning ice formations, the veteran diver was greeted by a host of striking sea life, including a rare sea butterfly - a type of arctic nudibranch - fluttering past his camera lens.

Diving for up to 70 minutes at a time, Alexander - who opted not to wear heated equipment in the sub-zero conditions in order to get the 'perfect shot' - was left 'in awe' of the bustling life around him.

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