The US Military's New Humvee Is Absolutely Bad Ass

Posted by moku 9 months ago in Cool videos
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Testing a vehicle for the Army isn’t all race tracks, explosions and trips to Wendy’s. Even more technical stuff like fuel consumption and highway use is taken into consideration. APG is home to a test highway where the JLTV can stretch its legs a bit to its top speed of 64 mph. It’s here where ATEC can observe more mundane aspects like road vibrations and noise. While it’s not a Lexus, the JLTV still needs to be smooth enough to

The JLTV has to run these tests hundreds or thousands of times and have every little problem documented so Oshkosh knows exactly what to improve on. Automakers should take a page out of the Army’s book when it comes to testing. I’d like to see an Alfa Romeo or a Tesla take a few laps around APG.

It’s tests like these that ensure that the vehicles used by today and tomorrow’s military protect soldiers and get their job done. While Chevy has been seemingly working on a mid-engine Corvette forever, that’s nothing compared to military development cycles. They have to be absolutely sure that their vehicles meet stringent criteria and pass whatever test they can come up with.

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