Journalist Jason Whitlock Drops the TRUTH! "Social Media Censors Blacks Who Don't Promote Liberal Agenda" "Black Values ARE Conservative"

Posted by moku 10 months ago in News
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Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox Sports 1’s Jason Whitlock weighed in on rapper Kanye West’s tweets that expressed love and support for President Donald Trump.

Whitlock said he believes West is “trying to inspire African-Americans to have an open mind about politics.”

“I think he’s probably trying to inspire African-Americans to have a more open mind about politics and to be less demonizing of people we disagree with and understand that we’re all flawed, our president is flawed, but that doesn’t mean it’s an effective strategy to write that person off or write that side of politics off,” Whitlock told Tucker Carlson.

He added, “I just think Kanye’s being true to himself.”

Whitlock went on to say there has not been a competition for the black vote for 50-60 years, which is hurting the black community.

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