CNN's S.E. Cupp UNLEASHES on MSNBC's Joy Reid For Lying about Her Homophobic Posts Then Getting the FBI to Investigate It

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Joy Reid is facing scrutiny for a series of homophobic posts on her blog of yore which she claimed to Mediaite are the result of a hack.

For HLN’s S.E. Cupp, the course of action is clear: If the posts turn out to be Reid’s, she ought to be in trouble.

“This puts MSNBC in a very uncomfortable — I will say — untenable position,” Cupp said.

She then asked her Unfiltered panel, “Why is it so hard, do you guys think, in today’s climate, to call balls and strikes, right? I mean, I have no problem criticizing Sean Hannity for failing to disclose some of the things he did. I like Sean Hannity but thought he was wrong in that instance. Why do we put tribalism in the media before journalism? Why aren’t more journalists coming out and saying, I like Joy Reid, I hope this isn’t true, but if it is it’s bad and she should be fired for it.”

As Cupp sees it, Reid’s denials, if proven false, should cost the MSNBC host her job.

“You can’t be on television lying to viewers, lying to your employer, lying about things you said, and have a platform,” she added.

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